National Architects in Schools Initiative

National Architects in Schools Initiative

As part of the National Architects in Schools Initiative, nineteeneighty has run collaborative workshops in a number of secondary schools. At Kishoge Community College we worked with 26 TY students, using filmmaking to explore the spaces of the recently completed school and campus. Small groups of students used their iPads to film and edit short films, on themes such as colour, acoustics, pattern and journey, along with more narrative-based work that explored the spaces of their school. Through looking closely at their environment, the students began to see interesting connections, spaces and details. They also learnt about collaboration and group-work. We hope that the students will have a greater awareness of how architecture and the built environment is represented in cinema, television, music video and other media, and the affinities between architecture and cinema.

In 2014 nineteeneighty and Anima Architects ran a week-long workshop at Mercy College, Coolock using model making and filmmaking to explore the spaces of the school. The workshop used integrated linkage to core subjects and the school’s transition year programme, to develop the skills and critical thinking of transition year students, through a cycle of experiencing space, analysis of that space and design.

Teacher’s perspective:

‘I think the students really valued an architect visiting the school. Stephen was absolutely brilliant at delivering new ideas and concepts to the students. The students never felt lost and always knew what do to. They had an immediate respect for his talent. Stephen had a great way with the students as he discussed their various ideas and encouraged them further in their project, keeping the groups engaged. I found that offering students these opportunities is invaluable and can only add to and layer their experience of architecture and design. It is a fantastic opportunity and a great initiative to further students’ engagement and appreciation of design.’

From the students:

‘I learned new skills because of the project.’

‘It was great to watch movies with a new insight.’

‘I didn’t realise Architecture had such a big part in film making.’