Building Material mapping gallery; vacant space seminar

Building Material mapping and vacant space seminar (Chair)

Following an open call for submissions, the Building Material team established an online gallery on the theme of mapping. Submissions were initially sought that explored mapping as a means of analysing and understanding the effects of the current position in the economic cycle on architecture and the built environment. The invitation was extended to those working in all disciplines including anthropologists, archaeologists, artists, cartographers, geographers, illustrators, sociologists, scientists, surveyors… and architects. The theme was also widened to reflect the range and variety of techniques in mapping.

The Building Material team organised an evening of presentations and discussions on the theme of mapping and vacant spaces, at Dublin City Council’s The LAB. The speakers were Professor Rob Kitchin, Director of NIRSA at Maynooth University; Bláithín Quinn, visual artist, architect, lecturer and Director of the TransColonia project (2010-2012); Miriam Delaney, architect and lecturer; and Conor McGarrigle, artist and researcher and creator of the NAMAland app.