Irish Architecture Foundation ‘Takeover’

Irish Architecture Foundation ‘Takeover’

In this weeklong workshop we collaborated with 16 enthusiastic and engaged young adults (aged 15-18 years), using the IAF headquarters on Bachelor’s Walk as a base to explore and map the surrounding city, through photography and film. The workshop was based on the IAF Collective, a group of young adults interested in architecture and the built environment. The IAF has been growing this group outside the school system, allowing them access and insight in to how a cultural institution works. The workshop culminated in a public exhibition of some of the video, photography and sculpture that the students produced.


‘I learned how to examine things from different angles and to look at simple things like colour in

new interesting ways.’

‘We learned to be more critical of the buildings around us, which we did for this project. We found architecture to compare, such as examples of good and bad playgrounds.’

‘I have learned that you need to be creative and observative of your surroundings.’