Green Beards, Donnybrook

Green Beards, Donnybrook

The existing retail unit presented many design challenges, narrowing to just over 1.8m near the street frontage, and measuring more than 15 metres front to back. A modest budget also focused design decisions.

Consistent with previous projects for the clients, the existing space was stripped back. To the front an open display / merchandise area was created, with stool seating at the street window.  In the centre a preparation area with customer payment counter was located; to the rear is storage, staff facilities and private preparation area.

Existing floor coverings were removed and the slab ground down and polished. A pre-cast counter with a solid front and side was commissioned to compliment the floor. Its angled design creates increased space for customers at the payment counter, in this very narrow unit. A pre-cast, cantilevered concrete shelf beside the front window acts as a hot drinks station.

As well as accentuating space in the long, narrow unit, branding and signage were integrated with the business ethos of natural, raw ingredients for cold-pressed juicing. The existing ceiling, with its beams, ducts and other obstructions was painted black; angled fluorescent tubes increase light and bring a visual focus through the unit.

A limited palette of birch plywood, sheets of galvanized steel, stainless steel and mild steel shelving compliments the concrete floor and counter and pared-back aesthetic.

Client Comments

“We worked with Stephen for the third time when designing the interior of our Donnybrook store, having previously worked with him on our first store and a pop-up project. Stephen always brings fresh ideas to each project and we were very happy with the end result.”

Project Details
Project: Fit-Out For Green Beards Juicery
Location: Donnybrook,
Dublin 4
Client: Green Beards Juicery
Completion: July 2016
Contractor: Tom Doyle, Maintenance-Plus
Subcontractor: Uniqrete
Photography: Paul Quinn
Awards: Winner. Interior Design & Fit-Out Awards, Architecture & Building Expo 2018